Following the latest government announcement, WPE Firearms will be changing how you can shop.

We will be putting a click and collect system in place for general customers.

You can place an order over the phone, email or message any of our social media’s and we will arrange a time and day for collection from the shop.

We will also have appointment slots open for Pest and Vermin control and any other essential needs.

If you need an appointment contact us here to arrange one.

We are in the process of updating our website so you can shop and order online, until we are up and running, please find a list of some of our products that you can order from us under click and collect in store.

If you are interested in anything not listed, let us know and we will source items for you.

Ammunition, Cartridges and Air Pellets are available under Click and Collect, for available stock and price list click here.

BrassBulletsPowderPrimersAccessories and MiscCare, Cleaning and MaintanenceReloading EquipmentScopes, Sights and MountsSlips, Cases and Storage
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Lapua.223 Rem Brass (100)£68.00
PPU.223 Rem Brass (100)£28.60
Starline.223 Rem Brass (100)£32.50
*EPA*.223 Rem Primed Brass (20)£9.40
EPA.223 Rem Unprimed Brass (20)£9.00
EPA.300 AAC Blackout Brass (50)£15.00
S&B.300 Win Mag Brass (20)£18.50
PPU.30-30 Win Brass (100)£40.00
Lapua.308 Win Brass (100)£75.00
S&B.308 Win Brass (50)£10.00
SGC.308 Win Once-Fired Brass (50)£19.99
Starline.357 Mag Brass (100)£20.90
PPU.38 Special Brass (100)£18.50
S&B.44 Rem Mag Brass (50)£23.00
PPU7.5x55 Swiss Brass (100)£51.50
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Hornady.17 17GR V-Max Bullets (500)£125.00
Hornady20Cal V-MAX 32GR Bullets (100)£29.00
Hornady22Cal BTHP 68GR Match Bullets (100)£32.00
Sierra22Cal HP 53GR Bullets (100)£26.50
Sierra22Cal HP 53GR Bullets (500)£126.50
Sierra22Cal HPBT 52GR Bullets (100)£27.50
Sierra22Cal HPBT 69GR Match Bullets (100)£30.00
Barnes22Cal Spitzer Solid 50GR Bullets (50)£15.00
Barnes22Cal VLC 50GR Bullets (100)£20.00
Hornady22Cal V-Max 55GR Bullets (100)£29.00
Barnes22Cal XLC 53GR Bullets (50)£20.00
Gun Room UK.223 FMJ 55GR Bullets (100)£15.00
Relcom303Cal British FMJ 174GR Bullets (100)£24.00
S&B303Cal British SP 180GR Bullets (100)£25.00
Hot-Cor303Cal HCRN 180GR Bullets (100)£41.49
Sierra30Cal FMJ BT 150GR Bullets (100)£36.60
PPU30cal FMJ BT 174GR Bullets (100)£24.00
Optimus Dyer30Cal HPBT 155GR Bullets (100)£42.00
PPU30Cal HPBT 155GR Match Bullets (100)£29.00
Sierra30Cal HPBT 168GR Bullets (100)£43.10
Sierra30Cal HPBT 200GR Bullets (100)£55.00
Hornady30Cal SP 110GR Bullets (100)£39.80
30Cal SPBT 166GR Bullets (100)£38.00
Sierra30Cal Spitzer BT 150GR Bullets (100)£39.00
GM Hardcast38/357 RNFP 125GR Bullets (100)£10.00
GM Hardcast38/357 RNFP 158GR Bullets (100)£10.50
GM Hardcast38/357 TC 158GR Bullets (100)£10.50
GM Hardcast44Mag RNFP 240GR Bullets (100)
GM Hardcast45/70 RNFP 405GR Bullets (100)£22.75
PPU45Cal SJFP 405GR Bullets (100)£51.00
Sierra6.5mm HPBT 140GR Bullets (100)£45.20
Berger6.5mm Long Range Hybrid Target 144GR Bullets (100)£56.00
Sierra6mm HPBT 95GR Match Bullets (500)£205.50
PPU6mm SP 100GR Bullets (100)£23.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Reload SwissRS62 (1kg)£92.50
Reload SwissRS60 (1kg)£92.50
Reload SwissRS52 (1kg)£92.50
Reload SwissRS50 (1kg)£92.50
Reload SwissRS40 (1kg)£92.50
VihtavouriN555 (1kg)£95.00
VihtavouriN540 (1kg)£95.00
VihtavouriN150 (1kg)£92.50
VihtavouriN140 (1kg)£92.50
VihtavouriN135 (1kg)£92.50
AlliantRed Dot Shotshell Powder (454g)£41.60
RamshotTac Rifle Powder (450g)£39.00
HodgdonPyrodex MuzzleLoading Propellant (454g)£38.50
HodgdonH380 Rifle Powder (454g)£50.00
HodgdonH414 Rifle Powder (454g)£50.00
HodgdonCFE 223 Rifle Powder (454g)£45.10
IMR4895 Smokeless Powder (454g)£42.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
S&B4.0 Percussion Caps (100)£5.50
FederalLarge Pistol Magnum Primers (100)£5.20
S&BLarge Pistol Primers (100)£3.50
HKLarge Pistol Primers (100)£4.20
FederalLarge Pistol Primers (100)£4.70
CCILarge Pistol Primers (100)£5.10
CCILarge Rifle Benchrest Primers (100)£8.40
S&BLarge Rifle Magnum Primers (100)£4.50
CCILarge Rifle Magnum Primers (100)£5.70
FederalLarge Rifle Match Primers (100)£5.30
S&BLarge Rifle Primers (100)£4.00
FederalLarge Rifle Primers (100)£4.70
CCILarge Rifle Primers (100)£5.20
RemingtonLarge Rifle Primers (100)£5.00
FederalShotshell Primers (100)£4.85
FederalSmall Pistol Primers (100)£4.70
CCISmall Pistol Primers (100)£5.10
RemingtonSmall Pistol Primers (100)£5.00
S&BSmall Rifle Magnum Primers (100)£4.30
S&BSmall Rifle Primers (100)£4.20
FederalSmall Rifle Primers (100)£4.70
CCISmall Rifle Primers (100)£5.20
RemingtonSmall Rifle Primers (100)£4.85
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
ACMEDove Bird Call£10.00
ACMEDuck Bird Call£10.00
ACMEWooden Predator Call£8.00
ACMEDog Whistle 210.5£5.00
AllenRifle Cartridge Holder£14.99
AllenSwivel Set for Lever Action£16.99
ATI12G Moss/Rem/Win Adjustable Tactlite Stock£75.00
AtlasAccu-Shot Monopod BT12-QK 3.75"-4.65"£130.00
BarnettBlack Widow Slingshot£15.95
BarnettStrike Nine Slingshot£10.50
Birchwood CaseyShoot 'N' C 3" Targets£7.99
Birchwood CaseyShoot 'N' C 1"/2"/3" Targets£7.99
Birchwood CaseyShoot 'N' C Deluxe Target Pack£9.99
BisleySling Swivel 16mm£10.00
BisleyPaper Target Double Sided (100)£5.00
BisleyPaper Target Single Sided (100)£5.00
Bog-PodDSS Shooting Sticks 39"£13.00
BrowningBrowning X-Bolt Short Standard Magazine£60.00
CaldwellXLA 6"-9" Fixed Bipod£58.00
CaldwellXLA 6"-9" Pivot Bipod£70.00
DebenExtreme Precision 9-13" Bipod£55.00
FirebirdAir Flash 40 Extreme Exploding Air Rifle Targets (10)£9.99
FirebirdFirebird 40 Self Adhesive Detonating Targets (10)£9.99
FirebirdAR40 Detonating Targets and Striker Plate (10)£9.99
HSFFront and Rear Unfilled Shooting Bags£16.99
Intrafuse20G Shotgun Safety Chamber Tool£3.00
Luth-ARMBA-3 Adjustable Butt Stock£183.00
LymanElectronic Hearing Protection Pro FDE£46.50
LymanCrossHair Rear Filled Shooting Bag£22.00
MTM.30Cal Safety Chamber Tool£2.50
MTM.22Cal Safety Chamber Tool£1.50
Oceania DefenceWalther PPQ 18Round Mag Extension£22.00
Power CustomRuger 10/22 Competition Extended Mag Release£35.00
Power CustomRuger 10/22 Extended Mag Release£10.00
RemingtonAirgun Pull to Reset Target - Rabbit£20.00
Ruger10-22 BX-15 15 Round Magazine£30.00
Ruger10-22 BX-25x2 Coupled 25 Round Magazine£70.00
Ruger10-22 BX-1 10 Round Magazine£32.50
SiteLiteSL-100 Mag Laser Bore Sighter£110.00
SiteLiteSL-150 Ultra Mag Laser Bore Sighter£160.00
SiteLiteSL-500 Ultra Mag Green Laser Bore Sighter£230.00
Target AirPellet Trap and Targets£15.00
Target AirMultiple Design£5.00
Timney TriggersRuger 10/22 Trigger£100.00
Tipton12G Snap Caps£11.00
Tipton20G Snap Caps£11.00
Tipton.410 Snap Caps£11.00
ViperTough Kit Tactical Glasses£39.00
Trigger Lock-Key£7.50
Trigger lock-Code£9.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Birchwood CaseyRig #2 Gun Oil and Rust Inhibitor£6.95
Birchwood CaseyTru-Oil Stock Finish 3floz£10.50
Birchwood CaseyPerma Blue Liquid Gun Blue£10.50
Birchwood CaseyPerma Blue Paste£10.50
Birchwood CaseySuper Black Touch Up Pen£10.50
G96Instant Gun Blue Stick£11.50
Birchwood CaseyBrass Black Metal Finish£10.50
Birchwood CaseyTru-Oil Stock Finish£16.00
Bisley12G Basic Cleaning Kit£15.00
Bisley.22 Basic Cleaning Kit£12.00
BrunoxTurbo Spray£9.60
Cleaning Rope.410 Gun Bore Cleaning System£5.99
Cleaning Rope.22Cal Gun Bore Cleaning System£5.99
Hoppes12G Bore Snake£18.95
Hoppes.22-.225 Bore Snake£13.99
Jack Pyke20G Shotgun Cleaning Kit£10.99
Lyman.270Cal QwikDraw Barrel Cleaner£9.50
Lyman.30Cal QwikDraw Barrel Cleaner£9.50
Lyman12G QwikDraw Barrel Cleaner£11.00
NapierUltra Clean Rifle Patches£3.25
NapierRapid Degreaser£8.50
NapierGun Cleaner and Lubricant£7.50
NapierBore Solvent£3.50
Napier12G Cleaning Kit£20.00
Parker Hale12G Phosphor Bronze Brush£5.00
Parker Hale.410 Phosphor Bronze Brush£5.00
Parker Hale.22Cal Presentation Cleaning Kit£37.90
Parker Hale.30Cal Presentation Cleaning Kit£39.90
Pro-Shot.30Cal Spear Tip Female Jag£6.00
Sentry SolutionsTUF-CLOTH (SMALL)£2.50
Sentry SolutionsTUF GLIDE OIL (1/2OZ)£4.50
Sentry SolutionsMARINE TUF GLIDE (1/2OZ)£5.00
Sentry SolutionsTUF GLIDE APPLICATOR PEN (1/4OZ)£5.50
Sentry SolutionsHI SLIP GREASE SYRINGE (12CC)£6.85
Sentry SolutionsTUF-CLOTH (LARGE)£7.00
Sentry SolutionsTUF-CLOTH W/ CONTAINER (LARGE)£7.50
Sentry SolutionsSMOOTH KOTE (1/2OZ)£7.75
Sentry SolutionsBP-2000 POWDER£7.75
Sentry SolutionsMARINE TUF-CLOTH (LARGE£8.00
Sentry SolutionsHI SLIP GREASE (2OZ)£12.00
Sentry SolutionsSMOOTH KOTE (2OZ)£13.00
Sentry SolutionsTUF GLIDE (4OZ)£19.00
Sentry SolutionsMARINE TUF GLIDE (4OZ)£20.00
Sentry SolutionsSMOOTH KOTE (8OZ)£20.00
Sentry SolutionsKNIFE & TOOL CARE KIT£20.00
Sentry SolutionsGEAR FIELD GRADE CARE KIT£28.00
Southern BloomerUNIVERSAL RIFLE PISTOL CLEANING PATCHES 38 CAL - 45 CAL, 357, 9MM - 10MM (125)£5.00
Southern BloomerSHOTGUN CLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT 12-16-20ga (80)£3.50
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT .17 CAL (1000)£12.00
Southern BloomerUNIVERSAL RIFLE PISTOL CLEANING PATCHES 38 CAL - 45 CAL, 357, 9MM - 10MM (1000)£25.00
Southern BloomerSHOTGUN CLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT 12-16-20ga (500)£20.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT .17 CAL (200)£3.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT .22 CAL (200)£3.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT .22 CAL (1000)£12.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT .223 CAL (1000)£13.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON SPECIAL .30 CAL (1000)£20.00
Southern BloomerCLEANING PATCHES COTTON KNIT 3" 54-58 CAL (200)£6.00
Southern BloomerMUZZLE LOADER COTTON KNIT SHOOTING PATCHES 11/4" 45-50 CAL (200)£2.50
Tetra GunBlue and Rust Remover£8.99
Tetra GunAction Blaster Degreaser£12.99
24 Piece Multi Gun Cleaning Kit£25.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
LymanAdjustable Powder Trickler£25.00
LeeValue Quick Trim£15.00
LeeDeluxe Quick Trim£25.00
Lee.308 Win Quick Trim Die£12.50
Lee.223 Rem Quick Trim Die£12.50
HornadyPowder Trickler£22.50
LymanE-Zee Flo Powder Trickler£20.00
LymanPowder Measure£65.00
LeeBreech Lock Challenger Press£87.50
RCBSRock Chucker Supreme£200.00
LeeSafety Powder Scale£27.50
LeeNew Auto Prime£26.00
LeeClassic Powder Thrower£72.50
LeePowder Funnel£4.00
ForsterCase Sizing Lubricant£9.90
LeeResizing Lubricant£4.50
LeeChamfer Tool£3.90
LeePrimer Pocket Cleaner£3.90
LymanPrimer Pocket Cleaner - Small£13.00
LymanPrimer Pocket Cleaner - Large£13.00
LymanPrimer Pocket Reamer - Small£13.00
LymanPrimer Pocket Reamer - Large£13.00
Frankford Arsenal508 Ammo Box£4.00
Frankford Arsenal512 Ammo Box£4.99
MTMRS-50 Rifle Small Ammo Case£5.00
MTMRM-50 Rifle Medium Ammo Case£5.50
MTMP50-44 Ammo Case£4.00
MTMP50-38 Ammo Case£4.00
Frankford ArsenalNo.3 Reloading Tray£7.99
Frankford ArsenalNo.7 Reloading Tray£7.99
MTMUniversal Reloading Tray£8.95
LeeUniversal Shell Holder Set£45.00
LeeHand Priming Shell Holder Set£22.50
Lee.303 British Crimp Die£10.00
Lee.223 Rem Collet Dies£20.00
Lee.223 Rem Reloading Dies£30.00
Lee.308 Win Reloading Dies£30.00
Lee30/30 Win Pacesetter Dies£35.00
Dillon Precision.44 Mag New Style Dies£75.00
LeeDecapping Die£12.00
QuineticsKinetic Bullet Puller£19.95
Forster.224 Bullet Puller Collet£15.75
Forster.308 Bullet Puller Collet£15.75
ForsterBullet Puller Collet Holder£28.50
Lee.243 Win Quick Trim Die£12.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Air Rifle 9-11m 1" Scope Mounts£5.00
Sports GoodsZombie Hunter Perfect 1x20x30 Red Dot£10.00
RhinoWeaver Medium 30mm Scope Rings£10.00
Picatinny High 1" Single Screw Scope Rings£10.00
Picatinny Medium 1" Single Screw Scope Rings£10.00
UTGDovetail To Picatinny Rail Adaptor£12.50
UTGAluminium Quick Detach Picatinny High 1" Scope Rings£18.95
UTGLaw Enforcement Quick Detach Medium 1" Scope Rings£18.95
UTGAluminium Quick Detach Picatinny Medium 30mm Scope Rings£19.95
UTGAluminium Quick Detach Picatinny High 30mm Scope Rings£20.95
VectorX-Accu Picatinny High 30mm Scope Rings£24.00
HawkeMatch 9-11m Medium 30mm Scope Rings£25.00
OptisanQRA II Weaver High 1" Scope Rings£30.00
WeaverTactical Weaver Medium 30mm Scope Rings£44.95
WeaverTactical Weaver High 30mm Scope Rings£44.95
RecknagelAluminium Silver Picatinny Rail£57.00
UTGSteel Picatinny Medium 1" Scope Rings£57.95
UTGSteel Picatinny High 1" Scope Rings£57.95
UTGPro Picatinny Medium 34mm Scope Rings£59.95
HawkeSport-HD 3-9x40 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope£60.00
Nikko StirlingMount Mates 3-9x50 AO Half Mil-Dot Rifle Scope£64.00
Elite OpticsEssential 3-9x50 AO Rifle Scope£65.00
Primary ArmsMicro 2 MOA Gen II Red Dot with Removable Base£94.99
BSASweet 8-32x44 Hunting Rifle Scope£135.00
UTGAccushot 3-12x44 IE 36 Colour Rifle Scope£195.00
Sig SauerWhiskey 3 3-9x50 SFP QuadPlex Rifle Scope£200.00
Center PointAdventure Class 6-24x50£200.00
MinoxZL3 4-12x4 BDC Rifle Scope£210.00
MTCViper Pro 3-18x50 Rifle Scope£295.00
LeupoldVari-XIII 3.5-10x50 Tactical Matte Rifle Scope£350.00
VortexViper HS-T 6-24x50 w/ WMR-1 MOA Rifle Scope£495.00
LeupoldVX-3 4.5-14x50 LR Varmint Hunter Matte Rifle Scope£500.00
LeupoldVX-3i 4.5-14x50 Duplex Matte Rifle Scope£600.00
Schmidt & Bender2.5-10x56 Klassik Rifle Scope£700.00
MakeItem DescriptionPrice
Black Tactical Soft Lined Pistol Slip£7.00
Henry KrankOlive Fleece Lined Butterfly Pistol Glove£9.95
MundiOver Shoulder Bag£10.00
DebenFleece Lined Rifle Slip£30.00
NuprolNP Essentials Medium Hard Case£35.00
NuprolNP Essentials Large Hard Case£40.00
NuprolNP Essentials XL Hard Case£45.00
NuprolNP Medium Hard Case - Wave£65.00
NuprolNP Large Hard Case - Wave£75.00
NuprolNP XL Hard Case - Wave£95.00

Delivery is available for some items, please let us know if this is needed when placing an order.

We are sad to close our doors once again however we understand that our family and our customers safety and health is our priority. We hope to see everyone once our doors open again but until then, stay safe, happy and healthy.

Thank you from all of us at WPE Firearms.

*Please note: The prices listed online are subject to any changes in effect at the time of purchase. WPE Firearms reserves the right to change our prices at any time.

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