Reloading Powders

Here at WPE Firearms, we are proud to offer a large and ever growing range of reloading powders to suit rifle, pistol, black powder, shotshell and nitro powder.

Reloading Powders

We stock or can acquire nearly all big brand names including just some of these listed below;

We hold a comprehensive range of RS Swiss, a perfect choice for those aiming for Swiss engineered precision and repeatability.

Finnish Vihtavouri powder, one of the most well known and beloved names in reloading powders.

From its early days as Hercules to its modern reincarnation as Alliant Powder, it has remained a staple due to its consistency and performance.

American made Hodgdon powders caters to every kind of shooter with ease and versatility.

Ramshot offers a full range of smokeless powders that consistently meet the high standards of all shooting enthusiasts.

From personal experience I have found that RS Swiss is one of the best powders for me when reloading large calibre, both due to its reliability, versatility and performance. The ever growing collection of load data has proved itself invaluable to me.

Pete Mullen, Shop Owner

Here at WPE Firearms we pride ourselves on our ability to source and supply anything the home reloader may need, if you are looking for something specific please just get in touch. We are now making custom black powder boxes – to find out more just get in touch.

We will also be stocking our full range of powders, reloading supplies and accessories online!

Keep an eye on our WPE shop page for all new products coming soon.

Please Contact Us if you have any specific requests or any questions about powders and reloading.

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Please Note:
Powders and primers must be collected or sold in store in person.

Reloading Powders
Frankford Arsenal Intellidropper

New Frankford Arsenal Reloading Equipment

We are proud to stock a vast array of reloading equipment and essentials from one of Americas foremost reloading brands, Frankford Arsenal providers of high specification reloading tools built from the finest materials.

Loading trays, Ammo boxes, Tumblers, Powder Handling and more.

Including the exciting Intellidropper electronic powder measure

Any reloading need can be met, if its not in stock we can source it for you!

Reloading Brass now available

We now have some reloading brass available.
Just in are the following:

Sellior & Bellot .300 Win Mag, packs of 20 cases £18.50
Sellior & Bellot .308 Win, packs of 20 cases £15.00
Sellior & Bellot .300 AAC Blackout, packs of 50 cases £15.00

More brass on its way, and all great value for money.
Small pack sizes make replacing odd batches of cases easier.

Give us a call if you are looking for anything specific.

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Reloading Available

We now have a full reloading bench set up in the store for customers to build their own ammunition. As we are adjacent to the Firing Range, sometimes its nice to just test that one load you’ve been working on.
We have a range of popular caliber die sets available and can sell you powder, primers, heads and brass if you need it.

*Please understand we are not allowed to reload for you! But will be on hand if you need some advice!*